Taipan Tech PTE Ltd.
 Manufacturing, Consulting, Finance
3,000 employees strong.  Started in 2007.
Offices in Singapore, Vietnam, China, Taiwan, and U.S. Sales
We manufacture  goods in a number of markets including but not limited to:

EMS, Metals, Casting, Tooling, Food Production, Injection molding,  Medical Devices, Electronic Components, and supply parts to Automotive maufacturers as a Tier 1 Supplier.

We also manufacture building goods and materials.

Taipan also provides on-site Finance and Accounting, Cost Accounting, and Treasury services. 

We enjoy having some of the best and most talented workers. 

We are different in that we do the work hands on for no less than a year.

我們在多個市場製造產品,包括但不限於: EMS,金屬,鑄造,模具,食品生產,注塑,醫療器械,電子元件和供應零件為汽車製造商作為一級供應商。 Taipan還提供現場財務和會計,成本會計和財務服務。 我們喜歡擁有一些最好的和最有才華的工人。


Our IT Experts have the skills to lock in the efficiency gains.  Oracle 11i. 12i. CRM, Finance. EBS, DBA, and  Network Security. We also train your staff to use the new tools.
Software and hardware installations, Fusion, PL/SQL, HTML5, .ASP, TSQL, Performance Tuning, JAVA, JSP, Python. and C++ for embedded control systems.
We are experienced in the the medical device, aviation, automotive, and consumer goods spaces.  Let our IT proffessionals effficiently improve the workload. Our average  experience level is 15 years with Oracle and SAP. Localization of enterprise languages including Chinese, Vietnamese, German, and Korean.

我们专业的IT专家们的技能,在效率刍议收益锁定。甲骨文11i的。 12. CRM ,财务。 EBS , DBA ,网络安全。 软件和硬件设施,融合, PL / SQL ,T-SQL,  HTML5 , .ASP , JAVA , JSP 。蟒蛇。和控制器C ++嵌入式控制器。 我们有资格工作在FDA医疗器械Ⅲ类,航空等。让我们的IT人员分担重量。平均经验水平15年,甲骨文和SAP 。企业的本地化语言,包括中国,越南,德国,韩国及的。
We will optimize your factory or service.

High Performance  Specialists

Operations Value Stream Mapping, Supply Chain Efficiency with increased Inventory Turns. Oracle and SAP Developers to make your factory perform better with increased profits and cash flow. In the world of global trade, every company has to be as efficient as  possible. BIA, SME, Project Management, Kaizen events, TPS conversion and more.
操作价值流图,供应链的效率与增加库存周转率。甲骨文和SAP开发者,使您的工厂,增加利润和现金流有更好的表现。在全球贸易中的世界,每一个公司必须尽可能高效。 BIA,中小企业,项目管理,改善活动,TPS转换等等。
Increased Performance

Typical results are 25% more profit, 15% more cash flow, reduced cycle times, and leaner overhead. We modify your EBS, writing code to lock in the processes to increase profits. 
*Results are an average. Your improvement may vary.